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The Open Championship, sometimes also referred to as the British Open, is the oldest...

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The Masters

The Masters Tournament is one of the four 'Majors' in professional golf and is the...

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The exact origins of golf are not definitively known and are very much open to debate. However, versions of the game we know today as well as references to a golf-style game can be found in historical documents dating back over many centuries, particularly to China, Holland and Scotland. It is generally agreed that the roots of the modern game of golf are largely attributed to Scotland.

The History of Golf

The world's oldest golf course is the Old Links at Musselburgh, to the East of Edinburgh, where the sport has been played since at least 1672. Mary Queen of Scots is reputed to have played there in 1567. Arguably the most famous golf course in the world, also in Scotland, is St Andrews.

Professional golf competitions are played throughout the year all over the world. There are four main tournaments collectively known as The Majors. These are The Masters, the US Open, The Open Championship (sometimes referred to as the British Open) and the US PGA Championship.

Major Golfing Championships

The oldest of these majors is the Open Championship which is played every July, currently rotating around nine famous golf courses in Scotland and England, including the 'Home of Golf' The Old Course at St Andrews.

The only major to have a permanent home is The Masters, which is played at Augusta National Golf Club, USA and is the first major of each year.

The other main golf tournament is the Ryder Cup which is played every other year between teams from Europe and the United States.